Thunkable platform so slow why?


when i use thunkable its so slow…i cant work properly…plz help much time lost when slow platform for this need solution badly.

plz help me anyone what can i do now?


is this a very large project with loads of blocks?
if yes, you might want to follow the DRY principle - Don’t repeat yourself…

see for example



i am using thunkable platform.your example for inventor #taifun bro.


Thunkable is an App Inventor distribiution. Everything which is valid there is also valid for Thunkable
PS: I’m not your bro


Try another browser.
I had that Issue with Edge but I don’t have it with Chrome.


I can’t found any specific post for this problem .plz mention this post or tutorial link

thanks in advance
PS: why not brother.there have any problem?


Having the same problem here.

Its just happening on my main screen, which has the most number of blocks.

I am also looking for a solution for this problem.