Thunkable is unable to compile this app!

Hello dear Thunkers.

I have a project and it’s almost over. But suddenly I got this warning:

I get this warning even though I erased all the blocks.

I’m going crazy. Please help me! I’ve read everything about this issue many times in the forum, but I never found a solution.


If you have erased all the blocks, what are you compiling??

And without the benefit of seeing what your app is and does, it is pretty hard to spot the problem, it is like calling a doctor and just saying you are sick but not submitting to a physical exam.

Mind you, I just attempted to recompile one of my app because of API 28, UNCHANGED from one month ago, and it fails in the same way yours does.
It is not your app, it is Thunkable.


I get this exact error when compiling too.

I have determined that the problem is that the memory allocated in the new version of the compiler is seemingly but a fraction of what it was in the previous one.

My app compiled when I disables all the logic (almost 6000 blocks). Through trial and error, I established that my app would compile with 1934 logic blocks, but fail if I re-enabled a mere 9 block logic.
Also, I established that the compilation would fail if I had those 1934 logic blocks but had added a single button (without any supporting event handling), showing that memory is shared between components in the layout and logic in the block page.

==> if your app failed to compile when all the logic was removed, it probably has more than the 217 components (arrangements, buttons, labels, canvas, whatever) mine has in Screen1 (for the record, the compiler limitation applies to individual screens, in isolation. When I tested with 1943 logic block in Screen1, disabling 100 blocks in the much smaller Screen2 had zero effect and compilation still failed; Screen1 size was the limiting factor) OR your components are heavier than mine (I assume a Webviewer to have more attributes and therefore bigger memory requirement than a label has).

I feel that the diagnostic is there. The solution is 100% on the side of Thunkable.

If this is the case it needs to be fixed asap because i have a big app with almost 7000 blocks in a screen and even if i try to reduce some blocks i will not be able to get to as low as 1934 blocks without affecting the functionality of my app if the issue is not resolved 6 months of my hardwork will go in vain
I expect this issue to be resolved as soon as possible

Note that there is sharing between blocks and component.
Having one button could be worth a dozen logic blocks in terms of memory footprint.
@Emir_Ozer above reported having removed all his logic, and still failing to compile, so for him, the maximum number of blocks available with the API 28 compiler was perhaps less than zero.
On your side, if you have a lot of complex calculations, but few components, perhaps you could manage more than the 1934 blocks I got.
At any rate, this is a problem because this is making existing, unmodified applications to fail being properly compiled.
Will this be addressed in a timely manner, I don’t know. I haven’t seen one single reaction from the Thunkable staff since this issue was first reported.