Thunkable is unable to compile this app. The compiler error output was








I am out of office/home now and I will take a look in one ~ two hrs.



I am back online and fixing the issue. Please stay with me :slight_smile:



OK, it works! it can compile to APK, thank you!


Sorry for the trouble. The problem should be fixed by now. Can you confirm?



Yes it is working again. Thank you wei


problem is just now ok. then try again now now no error. really you can download your apk. thanks


how to fix it??


I have the same question. Can you help me with it?:微笑:


Hi Wei,

I am also still having errors with compiling. The issue is not fixed. Is there any way you can please help me? I tried creating a blank project with just one label, and it still churns out the same error. Hence, it definitely cannot be an app issue.

Please help!


I have the exact same issue, i created a new app with 1 simple logic, "click the button and speak ‘hello’ ".
is there someone from thunkable can help pls?


Dear Wei,

Today I started working in thunkable and I facing the same issue which is on discussion.

please help me


If you are using beta, you may note that Thunkable discounted beta platform, so you need to move your projects to


Hi all,

I am also having the same issue compiling an app. Some compile but this particular one doesn’t. I get the same error mentioned above. I am on and tried the app on AI2 as well with the same error.

Any help is appreciated.


what about trying a search in the forum for “The compiler error output was”?

Build Error App is not getting build: The compiler error output was

why i am having this problem plz help me


i too had that problem,

its because one of my screen was not responding, i downloaded the aia file and then open it using WinRAR and then deleted that screen (.bky file and .scm file).

again imported that modified apk into thunkable, Voila it worked.

Compilation Successfull !!!