Thunkable is unable to compile this app. The compiler error output was


Hello guys, i just tried again compile to apk but the error is still same. I think there is also no problem in our application but there is a problem on the server or other problems I also do not know. But strangely if I try to try to create a new project, such as “HelloWorld” with one label and I change the text label to “Hello World” then compile it to apk then it works. So what exactly is the problem?


yes ikhalimi9. am delete all image and bloke and download it… but same problem


but thunkable live is working


It is very strange… I made only a minor change without changing blocks and now no matter what I cannot compile the project. Maybe all older apps broke and now we have to start from scratch?

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the last time this error happened, a screen somehow was corrupted inside the project, see also!topic/mitappinventortest/T39xIp3plIQ

in this case just import your latest backup and restart from there
see also tip 6 here



i have the same issues…
Can anyone help?
i recently update my apps but getting same error when compiling… i tried to compile my previously working apps but have the same error. Really need to resolve this.


its a thunkable server problem. hope it wil get resolve soon.


hello i think its thunkabble system problam. so we must report this problem for thunkable custemer senter


Hello, everyone! :wave:
I would to ask does this happen only in Thunkable Beta server?
Thank you…


yes this problem have an thunkabale beta sever


Is this happening when using AdMob, or even without it.


the problem is happening even without AdMob


ill try with out ad mob and download apk but same problem



I use beta as well and since yesterday I have the same problem. Live test works but exporting the apk is not possible.



Since i asked about this problem and till now try again, the error is still same.


I try today another application that I already compile but it does not work too!


Wat is the solution? It is irritating now.