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It might just be the same person requesting it over and over again, but a video on how to make a PDF file in Thunkable is one of the most popular requests I’ve got over on YouTube. :joy:

So, here’s a quick overview on how to use @Andres_Cotes PDF extension, the next video will have more tips on customisation. Please like and share if you found it useful.

If any extension developers want to collaborate on future videos such as this just PM me!

Generate PDFs


Part 2, following on from the previous post, how to add TextBox text to an JSON table and then save it as a PDF.

Textbox to PDFs


Hello @domhnallohanlon
Can I make a PDF file from images?
I mean to get images from the device and converted to PDF file.

si es posible

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Cómo es posible
¿Puedes dar un código fuente ejemplar?

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Can you make an extension that convert images to PDF file.
It will be a great extension.

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