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After a few weeks of coding, testing, gathering feedback and more coding we (@Conor, @barreeeiroo @Sivagiri_Visakan and @domhnallohanlon) are pleased to launch our open source project, the Thunkable Extensions Directory.

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You can get started as quickly as possible with the click to clone feature.

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Extension developers can get paid as quickly as possible with the click to donate button featured prominently on every page.

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Learners can get answers as quickly as possible with links to community topics on as many pages as possible.


See more here:

###Writers Wanted

If you’d like to review an extension then check out the guidelines here:


Thanks you guys :heart:️ This is amazing :smile:


This is so great… And so well done. Kudos, guys.
It will gow a be a major resources for Thunkable users, I am sure.
Thank you so much!


and in case someone is looking for the link (or did I miss it?) :wink:



May @thunkable add this extension library to the main page?

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@Taifun I noticed the same thing. They are all so excited they forgot to post the link to it. LOL.

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Thanks to @ILoveThunkable for providing the documentation for the Simple Tools extension.

We’re always looking for new contributors, the quick start guide can be found here:

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Thanks @yosik, I hope that you and your students will find it useful!

Can anybody update the article about my qr code extension on your site?

@domhnallohanlon is the main editor, message him. :smiley:
Regards, ILoveThunkable

I will do it later, thanks for the reminder.


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So, what’s the point in all these new extensions? BMI calculator, unit conversions, rgb to hex, tweet, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, if all of that is doable with procedures in the blockly interface?

These semi useless extensions are actually helping the person that makes that extension, and nobody else, really. In fact I think it’s harming the real cause of App Inventor/Thunkable. And this is why I think that:

If I’m not mistaken the whole point of App Inventor/Thunkable is to TEACH coding.
So how do I learn THE BASICS of coding if all I have to do to convert km to miles is slap a block that says CONVERT KM xxxx to MILES? Isn’t that just like Googling it? Or how do I learn how the activity starter works if all I have to do is put a block that says TWEET xxxxx.

The beauty of the Blockly interface is actually learning the basic steps of coding which involves [gasp!] PLACING BLOCKS! If you don’t even have to do that now, what’s the point in the whole thing?

It would be better to have extensions that actually add functionality to App Inventor/Thunkable that is not possible to have with simple use of blocks. Good examples are In App Purchases, Floating buttons, SQLite, email, image editing, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great of you guys learning how to do extensions, and it will save me a good couple of minutes to use your extensions instead of placing all the blocks and doing the actual coding of the procedure. But is it really helping on the educational side? Are we afraid of placing blocks now?


Here it is folks, the Arduino Extension!

Thanks to @pavi2410 for all the hard work. I’m looking forward to the next update.


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Thanks conor :slight_smile: :blush:

@albert is working on figuring out the best way to integrate this and we’ll keep everyone posted


Hi folks,

Quick update on this project. In the month or so since we launched we’ve reviewed 18 extensions, with helpful documentation and troubleshooting for using extensions.

We’ve also purchased a new domain name, so you can find us a bit easier now at

Which extension would you like us to add to the directory next?

  • WebViewer Dialog Extension
  • Image Cropping Extension
  • Gesture Handler Extension
  • ActionBar Extension

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Thanks for your support!


her uzantıya bir logo ekleyerek daha kolay bulunmasını sağlayabilirsiniz

Sounds like a good idea - do extensions have logos?