Thunkable connect with google search


I’m doing a project in school where I use Thunkable. We have to create our own app. My app will be an app which advises you what you can do with the ingrediants chosen. For an example: you have two ingrediants in your fridge, but you do not know what to cook with them. So, you put in your two food items and then the app will show you suggestion of recipes which receives your ingrediants. I know, I could do a databas, but that needs too much time. So I’ve heard it could be easier if you connect Thunkable with google.
If you know how to do this please keep in mind I’m a absoulutely beginner, that means I’ve never done this before. So please give me easy instructions or explanations how to do this!

I’m happy about every answer
Thank You!


Hi @Charly_book,

I wouldn’t discount the idea of using a database as doing a Google search might not be the solution you are looking for.

The first thing you’ll have to do is familiarize yourself with APIs. I’ve written a short introduction here:

Then you can move on to working with the Search API, but be advised that the free tier of this product limits you to 100 queries per day, so is only really suitable for a proof-of-concept

The advantage of creating your own database is that you can, for example, show recipes using “only eggs” (e.g. scrambled, poached, fried) or recipes that “contain eggs” (e.g Cake, Pasta, Schnitzel).

Once you get comfortable with the logic, expanding your apps becomes a matter of data entry.


Thank you !