Thunkable Classic Tutorials do not work for Thunkable X

This is a complain that the Thunkable Tutorials are out of date.
For example, look at this video tutorial:

It shows many commands that I cannot find. If you do not believe me then try following each steps in the tutorial and see for yourself.
Also, the text doc does not show any images. It helps to show samples visually.

Now where can I find a code block sample of a Mobile Browser ?


Where is the video tutorial that will teach me how to add User Authentication to my Mobile Browser App ?
This is where the User Signs up and gets a Username from my App.
Then when everytime he/she uses my App, they must sign in to use it. Else, they cannot use it.
Is it possible to add/integrate php code onto my App so the php does the authentication ? If so, how to add/integrate php code onto my App ?
Right now, I am trying to build a Mobile Browser. This is where the User will need to register and get a Username and then Login with his Username to use the App. Once he logs in, all his page views would be logged onto my website’s Mysql.
So that means, if he/she types a url then url along with the page title and meta keywords and meta description of the page gets logged to my website.
And whatever links he/she clicks, their urls too along with their anchor texts get logged to my website’s Mysql database.
This way, I would be able to see what websites and webpages my Users browse.
See their browsed pages’ links’ anchor texts to understand what texts on the links drew the clicks.
See the pages’ titles and meta description to see what keywords and phrases attracted the User to make a click.
Now, I know how to build a User Authentication or Registration or Login page with php on my website. But have no clue how to add the feature onto a Mobile Browser. That is why I was asking if it is possible to add/integrate the php code onto the source code of my Mobile Browser App. Understand ?
I have a feeling there are other ways you people authenticate Users. If I am correct then how do you folks do it ? No matter what, I still need to learn how to add/integrate html, css and php codes onto my pages/screens on my App. I’d appreciate any links to video tutorials that show me what I need to learn to achieve my purpose. Tutorial must be upto date. Right now, I can see the video tutorials of are out of date.

By the way (btw), how do I find others’ codes which are public so I can download them or view them on my browser and learn from them aswell as modify them ? I need to see codes how others built their own Mobile Browsers.

What commands can’t you find?
I watched the video and see nothing that is presently not supported. (1.2 MB)

Change the attached zip file’s extension to .rar. This forum does not allow me to upload .rar and so I renamed it to .zip.
In the video you will see what commands I got and what not. You will see I do not have the Web Viewer commands that are shown in the video. And a lot of other commands I do not have too.

Those limited commands are from X Thunkable. You posted on Thunkable Classic forum. The video is about Thunkable Classic.

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Oh! So what is the difference between the Classic and X ? I saw no mention of Thunkable having different versions or editions. Where are the literature on this website regarding the Classic and X ?
So, how do I get the unlimited commands then ?

Too numerous differences to mention. You need to do your homework and read about it.
But the main one is that Classic is far more complete and capable, but only targets Android.
X is meant to target Android and iOS, which is perhaps why it has severe limitations.
Classic and X are NOT compatible.

That is why there is a forum, that is why there are on-line tutorials, for BOTH systems.

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Thanks. Where are the online tutorials for both systems ? Whenever I check tutorials or tutorials on youtube made by third parties, I never see any mention of Classic Edition or X. Hence the ignorance.
Anyway, where is the official link that explains the differences between the 2 or atleast shows a comparison table/chart ?
I’m gonna have to use both editions as need arises. It is plain obvious, the X is too limited and I can’t even get one of my Apps built with it. I do not want to waste another night with it. 2 nights already wasted and I am feeling now grumpy and putoff. During signup, I should have been prompted which version to sign up to. Instead of just getting auto signed upto the low quality one.

Just one question. With the Classic, is it possible for me to do what I want ? I mentioned my requirements in my first 2 posts in this thread.


Wasn’t the tutorial precisely about making what you want in the first place?

If you have an issue with “wasting” 2 nights, perhaps you should give up altogether. One of my app has taken about a full year.

Thunkable Classic is some kind of a derivative of MIT App Inventor, except it has been refined, expanded and made a viable development environment for commercial (App Inventor, for instance, does not support AdMob, so monetization is not possible). But it is free to use.

Meanwhile, Thunkable came up with X, which aims at supporting both iOS and Android. The difference is that Thunkable wants to make money out of it, so is pushing for X and neglecting Classic. That is probably why you were ‘gently’ pushed towards X rather than Classic.

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I am not going to give-up atall!
I meant I do not want to waste time on a compiler that does not do what I want.
In short, I just want to build a Mobile browser that will auto append text on the user’s typed url and on the user’s clicked links. And turn page content’s words into links (my sponsor links) so when my App Users click those links I earn ppc or cpa or pps.

I tried writing my ideas here for you to check if Thunkable is capable enough or not to add my required features onto my App. I wrote some links as an example but this forum is discarding my message. Hence, wrote my ideas on a .txt file and attached it. Kindly see the attachment and let me know if edition Classic got the required commands or not to build my App.
If it does not then which other company’s which tool do you recommend ?

Thank You
my_ideas.txt (5.2 KB)

Can it be done in Classic?
Most likely yes.
There are limitations in any systems, and at present those are more prevalent as the API 28 compiler is buggy and cannot handle 1/3 the size code that the previous API 26 compiler had no problem dealing with. And even the API 26 compiler had limitations, not to mention that the concept behind Thunkable is that of a meta language that gets interpreted, as opposed to being directly executable.
For example, I had the need to sort upward of 400 elements in a list, and the most efficient sorting algorithm – heap sort – would have taken 3.5 seconds to provide an answer. For a calculator, 3.5 seconds between the moment you click a button and the moment the list shows up is unacceptably slow. But my app pipes the unsorted list to a web viewer component that loads an HTML file with the sort algorithm written in JavaScript. Even including the time to get and parse the returned sorted list so that the Thunkable component could display it, it was running in less than 10 milliseconds. I even had to make special inflated cases so that I could reliably measure a time and establish that the HTML/JavaScript was running this number crunching process 700 times faster than it had been coded in Thunkable Classic.

So, it can be done.

The issue is: is it desirable?

And that seems to be no.
Sure, you want to wedge your own ads in there and profit from it. But what on Earth are you giving extra to the USERS?
I already have a browser in my Android devices, why should I add another layer so that YOU can profit from it?
Will the access be faster? No, on the contrary, you would be adding your own processing to add your own links.
Would it be easier, more user friendly? Does not appear that it would.

So, what is in it for the user?
Then this ‘app’ of yours is worthless for the end user. And apps that do not give any value for the users are not acceptable by

Last point I got reading your “my ideas” text: you need to undergo a serous ego deflation process. You write it as if you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, yet have nothing to show for yourself. A bit of humility would serve you better.
Even the handle you selected for yourself (“super.apps.builder”; seriously?) reeks of unjustified arrogance.

Ouch! I am guessing you are not an employee of Thunkable. Nor Admin. Nor Mod. Else you wouldn’t bite a newcomer like that.
You misunderstood my wise intention. You say that, from my ideas you see my interests get met by my App as the App Builder it what is the interest of the Users to use the App in th first place.
Well, the Users do have a commercial interest but I am not going to openly discuss it here as there is a risk someone will learn my ideas and build the Apps before I can. Hence you will have to wait and see once I have released my App.
I only mentioned the monetary benefits of the “App Builder” here so that other Thunkers can see they can make money with my idea as App Builders. Wanted them to give thumbs up to my idea as that would get the Thunkable company to take my feature suggestions seriously enough to add my features should they not already exist on the Thunkable compilers. But since you stated that, the current versions of the Thunkable Classic Compiler is quiet capable of adding my features then I guess I do not need to bother convincing the Thunkable company to add them.
Anyway, I am glad that Thunkable can do it. It now means I do not need to learn the messy coding on Android Studio. Nor do I have to spend any money hiring a programmer to build it should I fail to learn the Android Studio.
And, hopefully I will find the right video tutorial. If not, I’ll bug the Thunkable staff to provide me a code sample if they are not going to provide a tutorial revolving around my features. Have to b a bit selfish here if I am going to get the ball rolling

Again, thanks for the IMG of your sample code. I will return the favour to you somehow some day and not only will you agree and willingly call me a “Super Apps Builder” but will gladly claim me as “Super Uniquely Intelligent Apps Builder”. Roll your eyes while you can. You will regret it later.


If you have ideas for billion dollar apps then why don’t you pay someone to make them in Android Studio?

If you stick around, you will see that Thunkable staff are not very active on the forums; as they probably have more urgent things to look after; the repairing of the API 28 compiler notably, which is taking more time than it should. Also, it appears that Thunkable is not as eager to support Classic as they do expanding X. Since X is selling the PRO package, thay are probably looking after their own interest first and foremost.

No, I am not a Thunkable employee. I do not have to refrain from telling you that you are overly arrogant if I actually believe that this is the case. Your “my_ideas” text was replete with self-promotion, and even went as far as claiming that Thunkable would be foolishly missing if they didn’t implement the additions of specific features.
How could they gain anything anyway?
The point is that if you want regex handling, you can ALWAYS program it yourself. Assuming that you can actually write code, that is.
But if you actually had even made the effort to use google, you would have found that there are already Thunkable extensions available that do regex ( Regular expression extension ).

You know the expressions “put your money where your mouth is” and “the proof is in the pudding”?

You keep boasting of your “super creative ideas”, I have yet to see one.
Sure , you are keeping them all secret so no one can ‘steal’ them; this is what typically those claiming to have invented the perpetual motion machine or the car engine that runs on water state. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. You provide none.
If you want the authority to request anything out of Thunkable, you would have to do a lot better than just bragging.

And just for the record, I am somewhat familiar with people proclaiming themselves to be “super intelligent”; I happen to know how to recognize them for their true worth since I belong to the Triple Nine Society. Do you?

What is TripleNine Society ? Not bothering googling. You tell me.
Ok, so you think I am a worthless bragger. Let me prove to you then that I am not and you, aswell as everyone in the world, who uses my App would earn money.
Here is the challenge: I will try to build my App in a way that it makes you money more than what you earn now. How-about that ?
Anyway, to prove to you, I have to get the ball rolling by getting the obstacles out of the way. And right now, finding the right tutorials is the problem. Oh hell! Let me follow your link to upgrade or whatever to the Classic from the X first. Then, I will have to learn:

  1. How To Append Text Onto Links Loaded On Browser Fetched Page;
  2. How To Append Text On Urls Typed By Users;
  3. How To Change Html (add/delete/replace html code/content) on Browser Fetched Page.

Ok, I’m a bit of a min reader and so I’ll read your mind. You want me to prove to you what I claim and get you earning tonnes or shut the hell up. The quicker you aid me to learn building with Thunkable then the quicker I prove my claim or start being quiet.
And so, how-about showing me a code sample (for our newbies learning purposes) how to Log Urls viewed on the Web Viewer ? Or atleast show me a link to a Video Tutorials that shows me this ?

In short, now I want to learn:

  • How To Log Url Views (Pages Viewed On Web Viewer);
  • How To Build API to dump/retrieve Data To My Website’s Mysql Database (DB)
  • How To Get My Mobile App To Use the API to Query/Retrieve Data From My Website’s Mysql

Just managing to learn these things would get me to get the ball rolling sooner or later.
Your choice if you want to recommend me the appropriate tutorial links or downright just write the code and upload it here for everyone else to learn from too.


Oy btw, you say I am arrogant because I come-up with an idea that only makes me money and not Thunkable. In your haste to attack me you forgot the very basic thing. If my suggested features earn me money then it would earn other Thunkers too. If that ahppens then more and more people would signup to Thunkable. There you go. Their interest is met here.
As for your interest, you will use my APP for free and earn unlimited income passively PASSIVELY. And I believe you will ditch your job thinkinbg why 9-5 nonsese anymore ?
There you go. Your interest met.

Because I am not just in it for the money. I want to get the satisfaction that I built the best money making App on the planet. I built it. Not paid programmers.

Best joke of the day

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That escalated quickly.

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No, I say you are arrogant because you bestow yourself with the attributes “super” and “brilliant” and expect everyone at Thunkable to do as you demand (“bendover backyard”). All this without demonstrating that you are the ‘genius’ you claim to be. And no, I do not consider your ‘idea’ to act as a in-between intermediate between end-users and advertisers particularly clever or desirable. You’d have to try a lot harder.

As I pointed out, there already are extensions to handle regular expression. And even if there weren’t or if you had an issue with extensions, there are several ways to handle regular expression (piping the query to a HTML/JavaScript file, let alone make the logic yourself in Thunkable Classic, for instance).

You want to see a video tutorial on how to append text to link?
That request is what baffles me.
The URL of a currently visited page is available as a text string. Changing it using the text functions is so frigging basic that asking for a tutorial sounds like a joke; one might as well ask for a tutorial on how to select floor in an elevator.

Thunkable Classic is 95% the same as App Inventor (and so are AppyBuilder and Kodular). Learn one and you are pretty much set in the others. Given your reluctance to even use google, here are the first few links for basic courses:

I cannot personally vouch for or recommend any since I did not take them; I learned App Inventor using a book I bought years ago.

But there is a prerequisite: a minimum of humility and the desire to learn. You seem more inclined to think that your ‘grandeur’ should be de-facto acknowledged by everyone, and that we should all be at your beck and call, with you calling the shots on what need to be done, without providing any indication or insight as to HOW to get things done.
And that is the point. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Making them happen is where the art lies.
That makes your ‘brilliant’ ideas worthless until they can be implemented. And whoever actually makes it work is the real “super app builder”.
Get to work learning and stop bragging. 'K?