Thunkable classic - Speech_recognizer not working with apk installation

Speech_recognizer is working when I test the application through test -> Thunkable Live in But it is not working when I exported to apk and install on android mobile. It is showing error after taking speech command.

RunTime Error call to ‘Speech_Recognizer1$AfterGettingText’ has too few arguments (1; must be 2).

This is the simple code.

Can someone kindly help. how to fix it?

Speech recognizer went bonkers with the API 26 compiler. It apparently calls a vintage component that only has one returned argument, but your blocks expect two.

Use the API 28 compiler, it will work there. However, if your program is too complex for the API 28 (due to the current bug we are eagerly waiting to see fixed) you are essentially stuck for now…

Thanks for your solution. Speech Recognizer is working when app is exported with API 28.

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