Thunkable classic not show title bar after export to apk


Thunkable classic not show title bar after export to apk

any one help?,
in the past this worked, but now no, why?

Title bar not showing in my app

Hello @muhammad_ridha welcome to thunkable community!!

make sure that in the design section Title Visible Prop. is Checked :ballot_box_with_check: brfore exporting your apk. if you want to show this on your app.

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in companion work, but not work after export to apk


Maybe a bug in new update. i have same case.


try to SAVE the app, then export it using QR code


for normally, i think it;s not problem i choose compile with save apk to computer


now i get errror when compiling. i have change the icon but still like that picture


how to solve that?


Kindly check the format of the app icon ( xyz.jpg ) or share your AIA then may be community can help you !!


it’s solved. thanks @cttricks. the still problem is title bar. after i compile, it’s not showing. but in live testing, it’s normal (showed). i think it’s a bug. may be there are solution soon.


Same problem. :frowning:


@Mark It would be great if you could fix this bug next week, it is kind of annoying. Thank you!


I am facing same problem.please solve the problem as soon as possible.


the icon must be too large


I had the same problem. Until the bug is fixed, I put the title bar as invisible and then added a new title bar using one of the videos posted on this forum.


can you please share the link of that video…


Same problem with the title bar. It just don’t show. Help.

In the other hand, does anyone can recommend a good quality extension to handle Title Bar?





I used this



The bug is still happening - any updates on this fix?

(The screen title is not displayed after apk exporting, even the Show Title checkbox is checked.)


Same problem for me, nothing fixed :cry: