Thunkable Classic Issues?


Hi @Thunkable team,

Is there a problem with the Classic platform the last 24 hours?

I get an error for all my projects that screens are not loading properly and that changes in blocks will not be saved…

I also get a DX execution failure upon compiling apps (apps that had no problems in compiling a couple of days ago with no errors in blocks and no changes in terms of adding new components or new blocks)

Can someone take a look and let us know?
Thank you in advance.



Sorry about your issues. It’s unclear to us what is causing the initial “blocks not saved” message for a project. However, you can usually get around the problem whereby that message becomes infectious and causes all other projects to show the message by just doing a hard browser reload on a different project or the project list page. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fix the problem with the initial project.

Let me know if this helps!