Thunkable Classic Apps + Play store permissions


Hi @thunkable,

currently Google removed all my Thunkable built apps from the Play Store due to policy violation that I did not cause but it seems like it is a problem with how Thunkable handles / asks for permissions even by using some components even if you do not use e.g. their texting capabilities:

This is really annoying specially since currently it seems I cannot do anything to fix it myself as the built apps for some reason ask for call log / sms permission…



Hi Chris,

Don’t forget to search the community before posting a new topic.

This issue is not unique to Classic and, while we’re working on shipping the fix for this, a temporary work around has already been proposed here:


I did but apparently looked for the wrong keywords. Thank you for the workaround for now.


Thanks for your understanding. We’re aware of how important this update is to our creators and will have an update out as soon as possible.


@gre4t_wh1te this update is now available! :smile: