Thunkable bug: internal links on local webpages not working in webviewer



anyone can guide me ?


you might want to elaborate what exactly you are trying to do, what you are expecting and which result you get instead


As you are seen in the code, I have uploaded 3 html files in the code. Only the file that is being edited in Boluk is open.If any other file is called form html file then it does not open.

< a href=“page2.html” target="_blank">Go to second page
< br>< br>
< a href=“moby.html” target="_blank">Go to moby page
< br>< br>
This is a massage notification can not display PDF (page2.html can not open)
and sane for moby.html also


try this snippet


He is not doing any work at thinkable , so he used extension


sorry, I don’t understand, what you are trying to say… follow the snippet…


sir im saying thats also is not doing any work at thinkable , so i used Taifun Tools1 extension


sorry, probably someone else is able to understand what you are saying
see also



see the problem with [quote=“Taifun, post:5, topic:7163, full:true”]
try this snippet


are you trying the snippet in the companion app or after building the app?

There is one special thing to consider for HTML documents uploaded as assets into App Inventor: During development, you have to use the development path to the embedded HTML document.

file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/<NAME OF YOUR HTML FILE>.html

Before building the app, use the production path.

file:///android_asset/<NAME OF YOUR HTML FILE>.html



after building app


This is working fine on mit Inverter,but it is only getting problem on thunkable.
The notification message that is coming is as follows: can not display PDF(page2.html can not be opened)


Your example is made with App Inventor, not Thunkable. So it doesn’t work on both then.


sir i was also made with Thunkable, problem are same
If you think I’m wrong
So please give this kind of 1 demo code with Thunkable


sir please check this aia. then guided me


I can confirm this as it shows same error to me, however this has nothing to do with Taifun Tools.

The same example works on MIT, Appybuilder and Makeroid.

Probably Thunkable server error, @admins @thunkable can you take a look at this?


thank you @Boban_Stojmenovic for clarifying this
I now adjusted the subject of this thread accordingly


This still does not work on @Thunkable



I don’t think anybody want to fix this topic


Hi All,

At long last this issue should be fixed. We made a change many months ago that was smarter about how we opened your links, but caused some problems for internal links. Let me know if you are still having problems!