Thunkable, Arduino, Android, and Bluetooth tutorials

Is there a good tutorial out there that explains sending and receiving data (analog) to and from an Arduino and Android phone using Thunkable? Turning LEDS on and off is easy to find but actually send values or receiving values seems to be lacking. Thanks!!

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I wrote an Instructable about this some time ago, but it appears to have been deleted, I’ll check into it tomorrow.

Communication between two digital devices will, by its very nature, be digital. Do you mean using the Serial functions of the Arduino? What sort of project are you trying to build??

Did you take a look at the App Inventor IOT website?

Thanks guys!! I’ve been able to do the LEDs, turning them off and on, through my Android phone. But I’m stuck on communicating analog values, and I’d like to report conditions at the Arduino back to the Android device through Bluetooth. It’s like the not being able to see the forest for the trees lol.

I am restoring an older car and would like to incorporate an Android app and use the Arduino via Bluetooth to remote start the car, turn lights on and off, and report back conditions both digital and analog values (temperature, pressure, etc). Incorporating both the digital and analog together has me stumped but I’m new to some of this.

I’m a SCADA Technician by trade and you’d think this would come easier for me. But most of our PLC software is more graphic in nature and is set to work with equipment that is created by the software manufacturer (Rockwell and Allen-Bradley).

Now if I had a spare PLC my empolyer would give me with the software then I’d be all set (but that would not happen and it’d be over kill lol).

Thanks guys! Appreciate it. Been all over YouTube but still stumped.

Mike Frick

I actually bought an HC-10, an Arduino 101, and a HC-05 in an attempt to learn more about it. Each brings a different level of misunderstanding using the Arduino and Bluetooth. Alos have a regular Arduino Uno and an Arduino Nano in attempts to understand the Bluetooth end. Still searching for the “key” that unlocks this lol.

Do you mean, you cannot read analog value with Arduno or you can read the value but cannot send data over bluetooth to android device?

I guess I should have given more info lol. I can read the Serial Monitor on the Arduino IDE with no problem. Yes, getting it to the Android device at times is another issue. Turning on an LED from the Android seems to be shown as an example often, although there seems to be different ways to do this. What is the best way to do this? Also examples of getting a digital condition from the Arduino to the Android device, sending an analog signal from the Android to the Arduino, and receiving an analog signal from the Arduino to the Android would be useful.

They have also talked about the benefits of using the TX and RX on the Arduino as compared to using pins 10 and 11.

Then there is SoftwareSerial for Arduino and CurieBLE (low energy) for Arduino 101. I may be trying to take on more then I am comprehending. Thanks!!!

Correct me if I’m wrong or break the rules.

I think there’re few things you should learn more.

For Arduino side:

  • How to read Analog signal with arduino
    -> try google " arduino analogread example " , there’re so many tutorial

  • How to send/receive data over bluetooth classic
    -> try google " arduino bluetooth hc-05 "

  • How to send/receive data over bluetooth low energy (BLE , BT4.0)
    -> try google “arduino bluetooth hm-10”

For AI or Thunkable side:

  • How to send /receive data over bluetooth classic
    -> try google “app inventor bluetooth arduino”

  • How to send /recevie data over BLE
    -> try google “app inventor ble tutorial”

I believe it must be really simple for prof. like you compare to those ladder programming on PLC

This is an old stuff (I called smartwartch ,though it’s look like scrapwatch XD)
the watch is arduino base send some analog data to android, the app made with AI for sending configuration back to the wartch. and both device communicate over bluetooth classic
(I did code both arduino and AI, if you want the code I’d share it to you, but I prefer you start with simple / basic example to avoid confusion)

This app was made with Thunkable. It’s real-time temperature monitor from module HM-11 (No arduino) , I used bluetooth BLE extension from AI

Mostly my AI & Thunkable App always be included with some great Extension from @Taifun
you can start here, there are many good tutorials to learn.


I had done those MIT App Inventor Tutorials (LED, Button, Accelerometer, etc.) a while ago, but I was just following instructions. I took your advice and went back and did the LED one which is an Android to Arduino exercise, then did the Button one which is an Arduino to Android. One is a write and one is a read. Now to go back and try and understand how and why. Thanks!!!

How do the UUID numbers work? How are they generated? With the BLE if I wanted to add another LED I’d have to have a different UUID to work with the BLE.

How do the UUID numbers work?

  • Like ID number , “Service UUID” and “Characteristic UUID” for identify BLE.

How are they generated?

  • Usually, BLE module is set UUID by default from factory, but can be change later.

With the BLE if I wanted to add another LED I’d have to have a different UUID to work with the BLE

  • I’m not sure how you set up the circuit, but 1 arduino connect to 1 BLE module is enough , unless you have 2 and more BLE module are closed , you might need to set different uuid for each module. (never try yet)

this page has good example for connecting arduino with different bluetooth module.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have gone back and reviewed the examples you had given. You would think programming the PLC’s and understanding the logic would give me an edge in learning this but it doesn’t seem to cross over very well. Mostly the PLC software is more graphic by nature.

Here’s a misconception I had. I thought the Service UUID was for the device and the Characteristic UUID was a value you had to have for every value you looked to read or write.

I have Arduino HC05 I want to create a application where a Bluetooth device must be saved and get automatically connected when I open application and the serial monitor datas of Arduino must be read in application and that data must play as a voice command.can any one help please this for blind related project guys please do help