Thunkable app keep stoping issue



I made an app in thunkable classic. This app have 10 screen. Now when i build this app and install it. It is open but when i visit atleast 3 screen app said ( MY APL NAME… keep stoping…
I changed many thing in this app but the problem still hapening… the screen shot of error is below…

This application have only 10 screen. Bit the buttons are 12…

Help me to solve this problem


Your app keeps stopping because your app has lots of screens. Creating many screens needs lots of memory space to function. But your mobile may not be able to assign those required memory space. So it is recommended to minimize the number of screens. You can use different vertical and horizontal arrangement which will work instead of screens


My friend the size of this app is just 5 mb…


Hello @hayatbabu487

Every app need some memory(RAM) while it is running and this is completely different from the size of app as size factor is related more to storage. @MrinmoyKumar rightly pointed out one of the possible reason causing the crash of your app

So, to avoid this memory issue, have a look at this :point_down: tutorial by @Taifun

The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor


It doesn’t matter of your 5 mb but its the depends on your screen numbers. Decrease your screen as much as possible


you have to switch screens correctly as @Vaibhav_Patil already mentioned
see also tip 1 here



Would you send screen shots for each screen in your app, please?
So I can help you