The operation > cannot accept the arguments: , [false], [0]

What do I do wrong in the countdown I try to do? I can’t fix it.

Hi @xscorpionx,

I think the problem related with list and specifically the first item of list.

Look at error message again (cannot accept the arguments: ,false,[0])

Looks like its list but created incorrectly (none first item).

Review all lists codes maybe you will find the problem.


The problem is in your block ‘when Reloj1.Timer’

In it, you set

set global Segundos to get Segundos = 59


set global Minutos to get global Minutos = 59

The mathematical “=” operator checks both sides and return TRUE if both sides are equal, and FALSE is they are not. Which means, the very next time you will do a comparison, you will be checking if FALSE (previous check result fed back instead of ‘Segundos’) is greater than zero. Which of course, the system does not like.

If I may ask, where are those blocks from? They are off colour (and somewhat hard to read) and differ from those in Classic Thunkable, App Inventor and Kodular.
Is there another environment out there that I have never heard of?

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