The extension of cropping the image

Thank you for your compliments, this is my duty, but I do not want to help me to find out the idea of ​​extension to the difficulty of building it

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For a next update, it would be nice to give the action of indicating the destination path of the cropped image.

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Thanks a lot, indeed, Dear Ahmad !
Great Job !!!

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Hi, Ahmad !!!

I have downloaded the aia file and have made the apk, then launched it in my smartphone, it’s working fine !!!
Great thanks again for your nice job !!

But, i notice that currently, users of this extensions have no choice !
All the cropped images are squares shaped !!!

Could you make the cropping, not necessarily to square shapes, but free to choose, so that the user could decide wether he will be going to crop a rectangle shape or a square or whatever else, but something that lets him free to decide the lenght of each side of the cropped image he wants to get ??


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Thank you brother Anyway you can change the characteristics of the height and width to get the shape you want and will add the ring cut in the new update

Ok :grinning::pray:
Thanks a lot, Dear Ahmad !!!

We will be waiting for the next update with impatience :grinning::grinning::grinning:

  • What we Currently have is : Cropping Ring cuts always Square shapes
  • What we are willing to get is : Cropping Ring could crop only the Height of initial Picture, or crop only the Width of initial Picture

Thanks again, Ahmad, and Best Regards :grinning::pray::pray:

Dear Ahmad,

Please kindly find below two links showing two videos of Current Cropping Ring which always Crops the image by selecting strictly Square area, and the second video shows what probably most of us would like to get : a Cropping Ring which allows to Crop only the Height of initial picture, or Crop only the width of the initial picture : Video 01 ------ Video 02

Great Thanks once again for your Great Job, this wonderful extension !!!

thank you for your contribution…

you might want to follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names…





Thanks a lot, Dear Andres Cotes, for this Android Widget for Cropping and Rotating images !
Ahmad and other Extensions Developers of our Thunkable Community might use or include it into their extension projetcs to build very nice extensions for Cropping, directly usable in our android apps projects !

Great, Awesome, once again Great Thanks to You, Dear Andres Cotes !!!
Best Regards !


We can only crop square images from this. Is there any way to crop any shape of image?

hello, nice job, congratulations.

My brother cut the image without specifying the starting point or setting the width and height There is a second way using start activitey, but I used this extension so that if you use the extension of the circular image you need only to cut the isotope and height and will explain the method of shear without specifying the width and height

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Thank you so much, dear Bro Ahmad_Mtrd !

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From where can we get this extension?


cant crop images into portrait and landscape shapes

try this extension

it is good but it is not with preview

I am having an error “editing is not supported for this image”

Hi man, I recently used your extension for Kodular.
unfortunately this extension causing an error on huawei and xiaomi devices (a ‘drawable.BitmapDrawable.getBitmap()’ error.
Do you know what this error could be due to? can it be solved?
I’m wait for your answer.