The blocks area did not load properly


Error “The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen xxxx_Screen1 will not be saved.”

I researched the problem in the forum but I cannot find a solution. I have tried the following:

• Using different a browser (Chrome, MS Edge, Opera Neon – Not compatible and Safari on Mac) as I though the specific browser might cause the problem.
• I have tried to open my previous versions of the app, I usually take Check Points from time to time and even the previous versions, causes the same problem
• I also have a problem with my other Apps, which is way smaller, I thought that maybe that the App is too big to have all the blocks synced to the browser when the app is started, this does not seem to be the case.
• Sometimes I get “Page is trying to recover” which then results in me having to refresh the page.
• I only use 3 screens.
• I do not use extensions, only TinyDB and Fushion

I contacted the Thunkable team via Twitter DM, 6 days ago, they said they will investigate, but no update thus far.
So hopefully I can get some help and advice here, as it will be really sad to have to delete everything and to start from scratch.


Can you try clicking on “Apps” and then doing a “Save App As…” to see if this fixes the problem?
Have you already published this app you’re working on to Google Play?


Hi Domhnall, thank you for you time reading my post. I just tried this and got the same error. No I have not published it as I am using it in a “closed” community.


If you like you can DM me you aia and I’ll take a look?


Hi Domhnall,
I was talking to you a few days ago and the same problem persists. What should I do?


Hi @Vimanyu10, can you upload some screenshots please? It’s helpful to know the following:

  • The browser you’re using
  • Any error message or code that you’re seeing
  • Whether this affect one app or more
  • Does the error persist in other browsers/incognito tabs
  • Your connection speed
  • Whether or not you have Thunkable open in multiple tabs

There isn’t one known cause or one specific fix for this issue, so troubleshooting can be time consuming/frustrating.

The best advice I can give for now is to make frequent manual saves and to keep backups


Yes, I understand how hard it can be to troubleshhoot. Good Luck! I’m sending the other information now.


Is it safe to send the numbers in my URL. For example,


I just deleted everything I wrote by accident :sob: Give me a minute please.

  • I am using the latest version of Google Chrome

  • The error being displayed is The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 1234567890123456_Home_ will not be saved. Numbers are just an example.

  • This affects all my apps

  • The error persists in all browsers but in Incognito I can’t seem to login.(Screenshots below)

  • My connection speed is 83.83Mbps

  • I checked and it doesn’t matter if Thunkable is open in multiple tabs

This problem occured for the first time a few days ago
I will send the screenshots now.


Incognito problem:




Vimanyu10 How you solve it? I got the same problem… :frowning:


import your latest backup and restart from there
see also tip 6