The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6271615010603008_Screen1 will not be saved

You don’t need the close screen block.

Jerin Jacob

Seems like it worked after removing the Close Screen

Would you have any idea as to why a Video from Vimeo does not play on my second screen which is a part of my website which is being called in the webviewer… I can hear the audio i.e. sound of the Video that is being played but bo video… it is just a blank video…
BTW it does work when I open the site in the browser on my android phone but not working when I open the same from the simple Thunkable APP which has screen 1 in which a user accepts the user terms and on acceptance he is taken to the Screen2 (by the name DAS) which has a webviewer where I am calling my secured website (https:// …)

May be webviewer will not support it.
If not supporting in feature it will be available.
Can you send your blocks shot

Jerin Jacob

This is my Block Shot of Screen 1 and following is the designer area

Unfortunately looks like it is still throwing the same message… I guess I need to close the loop…
Below is my second Screen (by the name DAS) Designer shot …

If you open the webviewer URL in Google… I am able to open a link within my app to view a vimeo video, but it does not display if I am on this second screen of my APP and trying to open it from here…

You cannot recover the error messsage and if you still continue using the same with the error message you will loose the blocks after you have made changes. It is recommended to use a new project and start.

Are you sure about this??? I have already got my earlier APP published on Google Play… But it started showing this error after all this while…

Now when I need a version change it will be porblem…

Even if you create a checkpoint of the current app and as-well-as you export the .aia and reload. You will see the same error message.

Did you have an active internet connection?

Jerin Jacob

yes I do…

I made a copy of the one I had earlier… and it did not throw up the BLOCK error…
May be I would delete the earlier one and rename this to the earlier name or again make one with the same name to work at Google Play…

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I’m losing all my blocks. Everytime. I just don’t know how to save my project… I have the final aia file , but after one or two changes made all the blocks are gone.
The error is happening in beta.thunkable &
I need some help.

how many screens do you have? is this a very large project? how many blocks? which components do you use? any extensions?

see also tip 3 here

see also and


I am also getting same error every time I start a new project…Help

please start a new thread, tell us something about your app, everything you think, it might help to solve the issue and answer the questions (see my previous answer (and questions) in this thread and follow tip 3…)


I have the same problem now

What should I do to get rid of this problem. It suddenly happens.
Should I delete some blocks?
My app:
One screen
Lots of block
4 MG
@Taifun @admins

What if I transfer my work to another screen. Does it solve the problem.
My app got almost 5000 downloads and I do not want to lose it

I m getting the same problem, what to do?
Please help.