The application has stopped


The problem is firebase test to leave the component with the default url and try again it has already happened to me


you might want to use Logcat to get some more details about the error, see Hossein’s description how to do it here



So some functions work but some special operations create force close erros.You need go deep for find source wacth test videos.Test robot do same operations.This operations working good.You need find which operation make force close.

We need logcat for find it


Thank guys all for collaborating.

Unfortunately I don’t know all these testing methods, so please tell me step by step what to do, or what to send you (blocks, APK etc.)

Thank you in advance!


If you send me the apk i can try it on my devices


Find APK on link!


E-mail: [email protected]
Pass: password

thank you very much!


Can you post a pic of screen 1 instalize and screen 2 instalize(if thats the one you got to) and when authorization button clicked


Got a video

Tomorrow can snap some pictures if the video is not good


Thought about your blocks


Meausurments is the 2nd screen I want to jump to


I would start of replacing all switch screen (like this one)

with tribbelhunters switch screen method


Changed the switch screen method, and now app changes screen in live test, but then immediatly changes back to Screen 1. (I can only see the srceen change on Thunable browser screen, not on the phone

When I retry to enter authentiacion, the app stop, debugger says:

invoke: no method named `Connect’ in class java.lang.Boolean
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.


you might want to post a screenshot of the screen switching blocks of both screens. Please only these blocks and NOT all blocks. Thank you


The triibbelhunter meathod only works after build, not in live testing


Seems to be solved!

I have build a new APK with the new method and the app runs fine again, but as Markus_Vinsa said, only in real running, not is live test mode.

It is very intresting, that besides I have changed the screen change method from SCR1 to Measurements screen I left the change from Measurements screen to the next one as it was. And there is no problem with changing from Measurements screen. I hope it wont be so.

So Guys, you’re the best, and a big-big thanks to you for your king and patienceful help!


Hi Ruszi
I have same problem. What is your solusion. please help me
thank you


follow tip1 and tip 2



oi amigo tive este problema mais consegui arrumar apagando todas as imagens que tinha no app e testando no meu app funcionou espero que ajude abraços


I Got Same error App Working in Testing But Not working when Apk install in android phone.
and give the download link of triibbelhunter meathod extansion link


also you might want to follow tip 1 and 2

protip: you also will find Tribblehunters method there…