why not change TextTitleAccionBar ? @Andres_Cotes

And how is your question?

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I’m trying to change Actionbar texts , when we select as per code any one.
my question is why that not change?
as u can see blocks.
guied me where I’m wrong or what’s I’m missing?

I have never seen the blocks you use.
Is it a extension?
If yes ask the developer of it.

that’s I do before.
please see blocks pic.
there u can see Actionbar as Actionbar 1 TextTitleAccionBar

As I said i dont know these blocks that you use in your projects
It looks like a extension.
Thats why i said ask the developer of the extension how to use the blocks because the blocks that you use are not the default ones.

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all is well

As I said more then one time it is a extension…

ASK THE DEVELOPER! Please read what i write.
Developer: @Andres_Cotes

ok sir