Textbox Extension


  • to get/set cursor position
  • to highlight text
  • to start a text changed listener and to have an event, which fires after text changed
  • NEW in Version 3: to set a background image
  • NEW in Version 4: get/set highlight color of textbox
  • NEW in Version 5: EnterPressed event and SetSoftKeyboardIconEnter method

more information see here https://puravidaapps.com/textbox.php
Thank you @Italo for being the sponsor of this extension!


Example use



great,nice extension!it is better to add a keyboard enter event.

I don’t know, if I understand, what you are saying…
are you looking for a keyboard enter event?
see here


right,hope your this extension can do it,then no need another.

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Interesting, it would be useful to know if a field is written.

just check the length of the textbox text property…

i tried to use that, but when i use “when enter pressed” to select focus of next textbox, never it goes where i want

posted already…

which means, your issue is an Extra Components Extension issue and is not related to the textbox extension…
i.e. your contribution in this thread we can consider as off topic…

sorry, i understood you ask me that

@Taifun great extension. thanks
Can we highlight text using different colors ? if no then is it possible to do it somehow ?

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@Hitesh I will check, if this will be possible…


the new methods SetBackgroundImage, GetHighlightColor and SetHighlightColor are now available in the textbox extension …



you’re great man

thanks a lot. i love it.

i have another wish…since i’m using the dialog ext, i cannot use the extra component…so i miss “after enter pressed” event…:smiley:

I now added an EnterPressed event in Version 5 of the Textbox extension
Additionally you can set the icon of the Enter button in the soft keyboard. Possible values for icon: DONE, GO, NEXT, PREVIOUS, SEARCH, SEND

Thank you @Boban_Stojmenovic for being the sponsor of version 5!



thanks @Boban_Stojmenovic , but i asked for that version- next extension you need ill make you a gift

Is it possible to make the extension compatible with Password__TextBoxt ?


For feature requests please contact me by email. To be a sponsor of a new method already is possible starting from only 10 USD! With your contribution you will help the complete App Inventor community. Thank you.