Testers needed for Jörg's SMB Manager extension

using @Joerg’s SMB Manager extension you can

  • get a list of directories and files of a shared directory from a computer in your local network, and

  • upload or download files to/from a shared directory

[the current Version 3 is available to download here]

more testers are required to test this extension together with a Windows computer…
test project see attachment or create your own test project…
smbtest.aia (580.9 KB)



You have one here :hand_splayed:!

I will start testing it now


I’m having problems with the login :neutral_face:

I set an user and password from Administrator CMD with net user username password, and in the app it sais unknown user name or bad password

what happens, if you use your default Windows username and corresponding password?

My Windows username has spaces so I hadn’t tried it

I crested a new one for it with all privileges granted

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Hello Thunkable community😊

Taifun was so kind to post the link to my SMB extension and help me find testers.
I tested it with a Windows 7 and a Linux smb share, both is working with no problems.
Taifun is getting errors when trying to upload or download with a Windows 10 machine.

What function are you using?
Make sure that your user on the remote machine has read/write access, for ‘ListContent’ read rights should be enough.
If your guest account is enabled you can try that too.
If your username contains the ‘@’ symbol, only use everything in front of the symbol as username (i.e. ‘[email protected]’ has the username ‘John’.
Spaces in a username should be no problem, only ‘@’ and ‘%’.

I’ll try to get a new test version up soon, would love to hear if it is working for others in which environments.


I tried using a ArchLinux OS and it works fine with all functions

List share directories

Yeah, it has

No, I disabled it for security reasons

Already checked

I tried using my old Windows 7 and it works fine too (maybe a bit slow than in Linux), but with my laptop that is W10, it doesn’t connect saying I wrote wrong the username or the password :sweat:
Maybe it’s my laptop problem, but IDK

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There’s only 1 tester with windows 10 that reported everything is working fine, for you and Taifun it doesn’t.

Guess I’ll have to update to Windows 10 to find out what the problem is🙁.

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Keep working, I like it :thumbsup:

It can be a really good extension for local networks for making a small ‘hosting’ in a company or similar

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Hi can anyone tell me if this extension works or not…
I have tried it but it seems unstable on windows 7.
Maybe I missing something.

Dear Jörg and Taifun,
I tested this smb manager and I have same problem at upload, I can connect to server and it is create an empty file on server. Why did this? Do you have solution? It is a win10 share. I can use the get content and speed test but can’t use upload and download.

a correct full path starts with file:///… (3 slashes)

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Hi Taifun,

Thanks it was a good idea to find the problem. The long filename was the problem.
Wrong filename: file:///storage/emulated/0/Pictures/app_inventor_1557474508546.jpg
Good filename: /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/app_inventor_1557474508546.jpg

Thanks again.

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Do we already have a solution for Win10 user? Trying mine, but prompt me with “Failed to connect to Server” error with this remotepath


The SMB Manager seems to use SMB 1.0.
By activating SMB 1.0 in features of my Win 10 pro device, the SMB Manager is able to connect to it.

Is the SMB Manager extension still in development?

  • Support of SMB 2 and/or 3 would increase usability.
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