Telegram Public Group


Hello Community :wave:

I created this Telegram group for everyone that wants to chat about things of AppInventor or apps developing:

So, if anyone wants to join the chat, just create a free account of Telegram and click on the link or search for @ThunkableChat

Oh, and also, if anyone is worried about his privacy, don’t worry. Telegram hides your phone number to unknown contacts

LightGram - Simple version of Telegram
Help Removing Unnecessary Permissions In App
Notification: Discoure App
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

i also created @appinventor channel to publish interesting things concerning tech stuff. if anyone wants to be an admi to publish helpful tech stuff; snippets,links, courses, tech updates are welcome.


I also publish the group in lots of channels:

Let´s make Thunkable bigger :muscle:


More Thunkers should join this! It’s great if you have an urgent question that needs to be answered or if you just want to chat about thunkable!


It’s great to check notifications of topics anytime and anywhere!

Thanks @barreeeiroo


Glad to hear that the bot is helping

It’s already an opensource bot:

I’m finishing the readme for any user that wants to install it

Auto check to see if there is a new topic - possible with Thunkable?

Now you can also subscribe for each post of the community!

If you follow those steps, my bot @BarrePolice_Bot will send you a message per each new post on the community (not just topics :wink:)


WOW, I’ve found this plugin RN:

It seems to be amazing!!!
I will install it in my private community and test it

You will hear the results soon xD


I like your telegram group very much! but a push notification would be better for the most users.


I look at the plugin you send and it needs HTTPS, that isn’t on the Thunkable Community. and if they add HTTPS the Push Notifications will work.


Yeah the group is amazing :blush:


It’s quite cool :+1:
It works inmediatly. Once you get a notification in the community, you get the notification in Telegram!

Of course, the bot for this community will be in English


Good and useful idea, however I feel Discord may be easier to use plus I think there are more people who will already have Discord accounts and have it installed. If you don’t like the idea ignore this comment and do not reply to it with some hateful comment. If you do like the idea and want to talk about it, PM me.


Take a look to this:

Telegram is #1 in messaging apps and other, compare specs and you will see that Telegram is much better
Also, Telegram is much easier to use. They have an amazing bots documentation (I made a bot for the community), with latest update they have improved their CDN, its OpenSource for all platforms, their founder (Durov brothers) where already the founders of the social network VK and one of they are millionaire so Telegram has a great budget, etc etc etc…

Hummm, are you sure?
Making a fast search:

Discord Current users: +45 millions
Telegram ACTIVE USERS PER MONTH: +100 millions

Also, just take a look to GPlay apps downloads…


I hadn’t even heard of Telegram until I read this post, also that first links data is very outdated, all file types are supported they use end to end encryption, bots are supported, also video chat is coming soon voice is already supported. Plus if you wanted to make it survive the next generation of developers most of them use Discord I know 400+ developers on Discord. I myself develop Discord Bots. Discord is rated the best VOIP software and it’s most likely easier to administrate the server.


Have you tried both platforms to say that?
Because I’ve done it and Telegram is much easier to use

Humm, so why companies like Discourse don’t use it? Discourse has an official bot for Telegram integration, official IFTTT bot, Telegram InLine Game platform. Also, WhatsApp has copied Telegram lots of features, I don’t know any feature copied from Discord
Also, how can you now +400 devs? You must have a good memory so…
And if you don’t like Telegram Bot API, you can use completely different libraries for bots, like PWRTelegram which, for example, allows to make automated calls from bots

And just to end this, Discord is oriented for Gaming, not for developing

You should try it. It’s amazing.
How I meet Telegram: Through a WhatsApp community :laughing:


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i have created app in thunkable and noew i want to update my app i havae use same key store but app can not update show some errror
i also update the version of app