Technology (Augmented Reality)

Is there any extension with AR (Augmented Reality) technology?

Hi @Adriano_Eleuterio, not that I’m aware of.

What sort of app are you trying to build?

I just wanted to know if it existed or not. I currently do not want to create any applications. But it is possible to have several ideas with augmented reality.

No, that’s is not possible currently with thunkable

Thank you guys.

you might want to try
Scene3D Extension,
Augmented Reality Plugin on Scene3D Extension,
Load your 3d file obj, 3ds, asc, md2 and text in Scene3D Extension by Zhangzqs (10 USD)

you also might want to look into
PS: the extensions directory is here

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Thank you Taifun! I’ll take a look at what you’ve been through.

this is not a VEDILS forum, you might want to ask on their site