TaifunPlayer unable to play

I tried to create an online music app. I have collected all the URLs in the Cloudstitch spreadsheet. Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3 are all categories. If a user clicks Sheet 1, he will show Sheet1 and after picking which is selectable for the song. The music app I created has run Sheet 1 very well, but I am unable to run Sheet2 and Sheet 3. I get an error when I run the sheet2 and 3.

Here is my screen shot 1

Here is my Screen Shot2

Please anybody help me…Thanks for advance

please upload your screenshots directly into this thread
also it would help, if you could tell us more about that error you are getting
did you test the extension together with the example project, which is available to download here https://puravidaapps.com/player.php
does the default player component work for you?

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Sorry for the late responds and thanks for quick reply.

I had created a music app. I have put the music URL on CloudStitch’s spreadsheets and by calling from there have to play from the app.There are three sheets on the spread sheet, sheet1 is named Blues, the second sheet is named Funky and sheet3 is named Jzzz.Now the songs of the blues will be on the blues and funky songs will be on the funky and jazz songs will be on jazz.Now I have all three sheets added to the listpicker by category, when click on Blues, then listview (List_blues) is open and the song that I click on there plays the song TaifunPlayer(blues), but when I play a song from sheet 2 (list_funky) then I get an error message.

“Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘int java.lang.Integer.intValue()’ on a null object reference
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.”

Here is my screenshot-

Using the component-
ListPicker1- ListPicker1

ListView1- List_Blues
ListView2- List_Funky
ListView3- List_Jazz
ListView4- List_Rock

SpreadSheet1- Spread_Blues
SpreadSheet2- Spread_Funky
SpreadShee3- Spread_Jazz
SpreadSheet4- Spread_Rock

TaifunPlayer1- Blues
TaifunPlayer1- Funky
TaifunPlayer1- Jazz
TaifunPlayer1- Rock

Clock1- Clock1
Clock2- Clock2
Clock3- Clock3
Clock4- Clock4

Please help …thanks

sorry for late answer, I have been on vacation…
unfortunately you did not answer my previous questions…
do you still have issues?