TaifunImage Extension: Can we have a "Save Image As" block?

Hey Taifun ,
The extension works perfect but it should have one more block to saveimage as in different folder bcause it resize and saves the image and we loose the original image. there should be SAVE IMAGE AS block in the extension


you might want to copy your image before using the Resize method of the image extension

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Thanks @Taifun and @Hitesh - I’ve moved this to it’s own topic now.

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There is some problem with resizing image. I will send some screen shots

Hello Taifun,
the taifunimage extension is very good.
Can you please add some options to image overlay block like overlay position(center,top right,bottom left,etc…)


thank you
for the Overlay method to work, it is recommended to use images of the the same size
you might want to modify one of the images to get the effect you want before using the Overlay method

i wont be able to use images of the same size as pictures i want to be able to put watermark on will not be of the same size.
how can i modify the overlay image using your extension?


my Scale & Overlay example app adds a watermark onto an image, did you try it?
the images should be the same size, as watermark use a png image with transparent background