“TaifunFile.aix” is not available in the exported app

“com.puravidaapps.TaifunFile.aix” can be used to move files during testing,but the export app can’t be used.Help me ,thank you very much !

Does that file path exist when build?



Yes,the file path does exist.

This is my phone system information and the file path.

Are all necessary permissions granted in your app.


I look up, this app has only these permissions, the other can not be set, I do not know if this is the reason. Thank you very much!

that path is available for the companion app while developing your app and exists in your development device, but not in other devices
what are you trying to move? database files?
you do not have access to the data directory after building the app


The moved file is not a database library file, it is a plain text file. How can it be done? Or, how to save the generated text file in another directory instead of the appinventor default directory. Thank you!

just save the file to the internal sdcard
for further information see the documentation http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/reference/components/storage.html#File

Thank you TAIFUN, thank you Boban_Stojmenovic, the problem is solved. However, in this way, only the folder that already exists can be stored; if the folder does not exist, the folder cannot be created automatically and the file cannot be saved. In addition, sharing files, using “//”or “/” and file path will not find the file, in my mobile phone system must use “/storage/emulated/0/” and file path.

the file extension is able to create directories automatically in case they do not exist

also see How to create a directory


Thank you TAIFUN, I will study hard!