TaifunAlarm extension issue [solved by reading the documentation]

Hello thunkers. I installed the @Taifun Alarm App so I could see how it is coded.I don’t see the activity starter component in the app. I get this error when I launch it. Can anyone please give me direction how to fix it? It would be greatly appreciated.

the Alarm extension doesnt work live with the companion I believe. It needs special permission and access to the mobiles Alarm functions. Just build the apk and it works :wink:

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read the documentation https://puravidaapps.com/alarm.php

the alarm extension does not use an activity starter, it uses the extension to set an alarm
and as @Django said:
Note: You will have to build the app to be able to test it, because the companion app does not offer the required permission.

You are so correct. I did install it and it works perfectly, as usual. Thanks

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I did install the app and it works great. I do have a question, how do you stop it? I tap the “Dismiss” button but the alarms keeps going off at random times (mainly when I sleeping). I have to physically open my alarm setting and delete the set alarm. I don’t see a way to cancel the alarm oncenit has gone off. Thanks. Happy Holidays to all.

to cancel an alarm is currently not possible as extension, because the max. API Level we can use currently is API Level 22. cancel is available starting from API Level 24, see also https://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/AlarmManager.html#cancel(android.app.AlarmManager.OnAlarmListener)

you might want to use the activity starter to open the default alarm app for the user to cancel an alarm…


btw. to dismiss the alarm, just press the dismiss button

Ok. Thanks. That’s what I was reading in the blogs. Nice extension.

I did hit the Dismiss button but it kept coming on during the night. My wife wasn’t too happy. Lol

this sounds like you hit the snooze button…

btw. this is nothing the extension has any influence on… try to set the alarm via the default alarm app of your device… to dismiss or snooze an alarm just works the same there…

the extension is only able to set an alarm! everything else is default functionality…


Ok. Thanks