Taifun file extension question

I have a question about this ext.:
I want to check if a file in private app storage exists. The file was written by the block in the middle below. I cannot find the path to the file to check it with taifun method TaifunFile.Exists from his ext. and I don’t know if this path is the same for all devices. Any hint?

up to now that method unfortunately is not able to check the private app storage directory…
I might add this feature one day…


Taifunfile extension thunkable

Taifunfile extension thunkable download


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sorry, I don’t understand, you might want to elaborate…
how the file extension is working is explained here https://puravidaapps.com/file.php with loads of examples…


my created folder is not empty and that has my saved files. i dont know how use this extension with listpicker costume. as images and item names. Please help me. Thank you.

use Do it to find out, what the FileList method returns…
see also tip 4 here https://puravidaapps.com/learn.php

its seems to be, your question is about how to use ListPickerCustom…
Is this an extension you are using? If yes, who is the author? THe author will be the one to provide some help…


external sdcard not detected

you might want to read the documentation of the AvailableStorageDirectories method here https://puravidaapps.com/file.php


I wants to read external sdcard directories
For internal file:///mnt/sdcard
What for external sdcard
On youtube one says use
Nothing worked

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each sdcard uses its own name
use the AvailableStorageDirectories method from the file extension to find out the name of your external sdcard