Tabbed Activity with swipes



HI Team,

I am new to Thunkable. Thank you for building such a wonderful application. I wanted to build a Layout with multiple tabs. Came across the templates for tabbed activity. Once I imported it, I wanted to add the ability to swipe between the tabs.
I have added Canvas which fills the sections and managed to write function to swipe.
Now, the problem is I need to have a web viewer and other components on individual tab. I cant place it inside the Canvas. (I want webviewer to be taking the full width and height)

I came across a snippet from Mika, but the canvas is placed at the bottom which will not help my purpose. ( @Mika, you are amazing!)

Can you please suggest me on how I can have swiping possible as well as a web viewer in one of my tabs?



There are @Mika’ s Gesture Handler extension and @Andres_CotesTaps extension. Mika even made a tutorial


Or just check out my Tabbed Activity template, you can the topic by going to #OpenSource category and choosing “Top” topics


Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried using the Gesture Extension. I can swipe between tabs.
But, once I put a web viewer component in one of the tabs, it stops. Maybe the reason being that the “Vertical Arrangement” is now filled with web viewer. Is this expected behavior?