Swipe horizontal arrangement layout



how could i swipe my horizontal arrangement layouts but not using a Canvas as it contains buttons and others?


Hi @app_mai_roid,

I was going to suggest @Mika’s gesture handler, but I see you already know about it:

Did you get it working??


no, still not working
and i tried this one

but when i install its APK it shows like that


any help please :raised_hand:


I couldn’t reproduce your error. When I installed the sample app it works fine for me. Have you made any changes to the code?


i used it again

swipeLayouts.aia (16.0 KB)

unfortunately i cannot deal with it


did you write this code yourself?


yes,i used Mika extension and fallowed the steps


But you are using a vertical arrangement handler with horizontal arrangements?


i need the vertical arrangements to swipe left and right
(i put them in a horizontal arrangement)


Yes, but if you look at the example the @mika provided the horizontal arrangements get sent to a HaGesture procedure whereas vertical arrangements are passed to the VaGesture block.

This is why your app is crashing.


so, i got that (call Gesture ) depends on arrangement type not what direction it supposed to go

but i think i have a wrong arrangement width also
i set all of them (Fill Parent )
so i got Screen initialization like this :point_down::

am i right?


any recommendation ?


See this post of @Mika.


yes i saw it before Nick , it doesn’t swipe smoothly it just like appear and disappear
if you know what i mean :slight_smile:
can you help me ,if it possible, with my aia up there and tell me what am i doing wrong ?
i hope using @Mika extension in that way could make it swipe smoothly


a little help is needed here guys :crazy_face:


Hi, i modified your aia to this : swipeLayouts.aia (16.5 KB)
I use a “label” instead of “notifier” to show the respond.
Hopefully it will help you.


thank you , it so helpful
i appreciate it :blush:


Thanks a lottt… actually was seeking for swipable layout as news feed from many days.
Finally found 1.