Swipe down feature



I Have an app with a screen containing Web Viewer. I need to refresh the page once I swipe down the screen with my finger. How to do that?



I found it .


Can you please show it for others who may be searching for the answer.


I found it in kodular.io but not thunkable. It is a biult in component in the layout section. I am using kodular most of the time because it has more component.


Dear @shaft2000
Why you don’t use the easy and wonderful search bar on the top of the page? It’s the first good rule of every community. HERE :point_left: your solution. Easy :+1:


Your app is not working fine. I cant scroll down in the web page.


It isn’t my app. Post your block and the error you get to solve it , or ask to the owner of the method for some hints and to report the bug.