SupportUs Screen with payment gateway


i am planning to add a support us page so that the users can appreciate my work by giving some payment and after paying they should get a notifier (greetings) and if they get full listing of different types of payment methods so that i can earn from every source.For E.g.
1.blockchain waller
4.upi based

these all are not compulsary just help me out with a botcoin and paytm these two have to be there



Hello @rohan_batra If you want Paytm Payment Gateway in your app. then you can easliy Integrate it using Paytm Payment Extension by @Deep_Host Visit this :link: Link :Paytm Extension for Thunkable | Paytm Payment Gateway Integration in App to watch the tutorial. you’ll get the downloading link of extension in the description of this video.


Little question:And What is your work so far? Because I noticed you just joined. I am just curious.