Super Activity my first extension

This is my first extension which makes it easy for many new people to develop the most modern ones.
I have the same hope.

com.aashriyatechnology.SuperActivity.aix (7.3 KB)


Great start for a first extension! Keep developing :slight_smile: A tip: Follow the convention of naming the methods in CamelCase, e.g. SuperActivity1.BluetoothEnable


thank u
I will remember

Nice one can i use Mail sender to my QR code scanner.?
Eg. When QR scan a code to send email

yes put ur code as text in place of msg as text then u can send that

my guess is, that method is the same as the activity starter solution, only hidden in an extension…
@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu is my guess correct?

see also Different eMail solutions for App Inventor

yes you are always right sir

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Superb … .

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