SQLite extension error

Hi, using the extension block: Call PedrozaSQLite1.Insert returns a -1 error on each Thunkable Live test.
My table has an autoincrement primary-key field which I don’t include in the columns list of the Insert block. Error -1 occurs even if I do include the autoincrement field!
How can I make this Insert work?

[ps. How do I attach a screenshot of my block(s) in this Topic?]

In terms of extension, please rather ask in the extensions topic :thinking: maybe the developer can answer your question there.

Concerning the blocks, you can either create a screenshot (how to is depending on your system) or use right click in your blocks section and choose “save blocks as image”.

Please, let us know about your blocks, information about your table (it could be the CREATE TABLE sentence) and the INSERT sentence.

Thanks, I have images of my app blocks, but don’t know how to include them in my Topic or Reply - such as here?
I will post my question again on the Extensions topic, when I know how to include images.

btw as power thunker you are able to modify the subject of the thread and choose another category, for example “Extensions Discuss” yourself for the current thread… which I did now… :wink:

I know but I wasn’t sure if the new Extension Discuss was meant for several topics about the same extension or rather just one per extension… Therefor I did not change it in this case :wink: Thanks anyway for the information!

Hi @chrisA

You can find full instructions here: