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:sunny: New Update : 01-10-2019

Spreadsheet Spreadsheets Extension
Few weeks ago i have this extension, Anon-visible component that provides access to the Google Spreadsheet. You can use this extension to Upload, Update, Delete & Read data from the Spreadsheet. This extension needs API key to read/write data on spreadsheet. Please refer to the Cloud Sheets for more information.

NOTE : You can download the extension from Cloudsheets website.



If you have any query or suggestion then let me know in the comments or you can send email at [email protected]

A big thanks to @domhnallohanlon


tHX U For ext.
Please show we how work this.

Hello @B_Hdez and all the tutorial is now available on my youtube channel.
Also i have made a little change in version 1 of SpreadsheetDB extension… So download the new one today! Also if have any query feel free to ask :blush:

Video tutorial has been set as private, unable to watch!

Hello @guilhermemaracaipe New version [ V3 ] of Spreadsheets extension is avaieble. you can read/write data on spreadsheet very easily by using this extension. Kinldy watch the compete video to know more about that.

This post says that the extension it’s free but in order to make it work we have to pay $ 1,00?

This is not “completely” free. In order to use the extension a user has to get an API key for each spreadsheet, and pay for this API key (for each spreadsheet ?).

You need to make this clear in your OP

From your documentation and videos this looks like a good extension :), shame about the API key thing

Kindly read the post carefully, I have already mentioned that it’s an another version ( Fully function and multi sheet support ) not the same one. Extension is still free of cost, you juat have to get an api key from the cloud sheets [ Price : $1 or ₹ 45/- only ].

:smile: Shame on you buddy! Instead of appreciating my work you are blaming me for making this service paid. After a long time I’m made this possible to read/write data on google spreadsheet by using an api key. Where is the problem if I made this service paid.

If you thing that this service should be free of cost, Sir please sponsor Cloud sheet from now. I promise I’ll make this service free of cost. it’s just $250/mo. Let me know if you are interested.

I am sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention, but in the same token, there is no need to be rude.

I am simply pointing out that your original post is misleading, yes, the extension may be free to download, but there is a cost if you actually want to use it. I have no problem with paid extensions, everyone has to make a living! Perhaps I would have preferred a one off payment for the extension, using a SheetID, to save the trouble of a couple of hours work putting the blocks/web app together to do the same thing.

You have an interesting business model, and I wish you every success with it


I’ve just sent you the payment and now I’m waiting for approval.
Meanwhile there’s two doubts I want to clarify, I am going to load a great amount of data into that spreadsheet and I’m developing not just an app but a whole business based on my app and his DB so I’m very concerned.
So here is the first thing I want to know, does the extension (communication between app and spreadsheet) depends on your API? This is important because if you decide to turn down the server I loose everything (will have to manually export data one by one).
And the other thing I want to know is: Is there some performance issue as the spreadsheet becomes very populated? Have you noticed some performance issues after a huge data stored?

Firstofall thanks for choosing Spreadsheet as the database of your app.

Your API Key is Active now.



please write the cloudsheets block?

Sorry i didn’t understand canyou please explain a bit more

The block which i shown in the picture is using spreadsheet link present in the thunkable classic using the API from cloudstich spreadsheet but it will stopped. how the same block code made in the cloudsheet extension in thunkable classic. i want to show the entire row cell values of selected items from the list view column in separate sheet as in different label of multiple cell with respective column name

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