Spreadsheet issues

Currently i have one sheet which has 150+ rows and the data included is latitude longitude in the sheets.
Now when my sheet has more then 150 rows, to be precise 166 rows, the app is getting crashed.
But when i keep the rows limited to 150 then all the markers are shown properly and the app doesn’t crash.
Note those are being used for custom markers in google maps.

Have you tried Fusion table? It could be more stable than experimental component like Spreadsheet.

I am playing with fusion table and would like to use it for the same purpose as you. I am just looking for someone who use fusion table, just to exchange some knowledge. :relaxed:

Do you get any errors code or error message?

I suspect that the act of adding so many markers might be the cause here, but you’ll need to do a few tests to be certain.

Are you testing in the Thunkable Live Companion app, or are you directly installing the apk? Install as apk to make sure it’s not the companion app.

Next, rather than display the map markers, try display just the text values - in a label for example. All 166 LAT and LNG should display without ​a problem.

If you do have a problem, go to your spreadsheet and use the “find” command to find any : or , characters.

Finally, check your Cloudstich dashboard to make sure everything in synchronised.

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No i don’t get any sort of error as you suggested i used the label component to get the response into text form for display but again the same thing happens for greater than 150 rows the app crashes both in the apk form and during live testing.
And no error code or anything is generated.
Also my sheets are perfectly according to the documents!

Ok now its solved don’t know what happend but it takes values more than 200+ rows.
Thanks for your help and suggestion.
By the way i wonder how to use fusion table. Is it simple ?

I have just started using FusionTables, so I don’t know much about it yet. I can do some simple things, like adding data, deleting data, search for data in the table, ect.

In my app, I want to replace new data in a row corresponding to the location change, but that is not possible with Cloudstitch according to what Albert wrote here.

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as a start, do the Pizza Party tutorial to learn how to work with fusiontables