Soundboard audio thats fades volume smoothly out



Dear Thunkable
I’m making an soundboard app to help Babies sleep. The soundboard has 8 players that play different relaxing audio files together. I already have a timer that works ( plays a pling…), but i want the players to smoothly fade out the audio sounds volume to zero, when the timer has been activated to stop the players. I have tried to get my head around this but can’t find the right logic/blocks.
So the user plays some files, chooses the timer. The timer is set to like f.x 30 min. and the audio then fades out( 10 sec. )

Any ideas/hints would be very helpfull to finish the app, as this is the last thing to make it work. THX.


You need to make a procedure that lowers the volume by 1 every 500 milliseconds


Okay, thanks:-)
I’ve tried with these blocks, but nothing happens. The sound volume is unchanged? - must be missing something?


That’s strange. My guess is that you restart your procedure everytime the Clock1 fires because the component enables itself. Did you try putting the current volume on a label to see what happens, e.g. set Label1.Text to Player1.Volume? Also I would suggest to raise your Timer Interval to make it easier to see the changes.


you forgot to set the volume of the player each time the clock fires



Hello Taifun. Thanks very much. Your help solved the problem:+1:


Need extension for


in case this question is about where to find the player extension, then see here

generally see this