Sound Wave View Extension


hola comparto esta extension que permite añadir una vista que simula una onda de sonido

nesecita ayuda del componente clock para su animacion (12,0 KB)

How to make a sound recorder
Change Sound Recorder .3gp file to mp3 or .wav , how?

Great extension!
Is possible make it in minimal design? Something like this



Interesting! It looks really noisy though, is it possible to create a sine wave? Do you think there’s potential to add in FFT functions in future?


something like this


where we get the VideoAddon aix ?


Yes! :grin: The JTransform library mentioned on the S.O post looks really good!


It’s an extension that I have not posted adds methods to the video component


Can you tell me what the methods are? Will it be released sometime?


i want to record sound in wave or mp3 format ?? can u help me please ??



record wave format

similar mp3 formar you save file .mp3


Boa tarde, gostaria se saber sobre o “global name”, como eu faço ?