Sound handler in the webviewer

Hi community i want to know if we have an extension to handler the sound in the webviewer?

For analyse WebViewer’s sound, no. But I don’t know what you need, please tell us.

i am making a radio app and i`m looking the way to play a streaming radio sound without the lag produced when i play the sound. if i open the url with the webviwer don´t block the app but i can´t handle the sound or i don´t know how.


Inténtalo con el Reproductor de sonidos
Try with player.


This method blocks the app until player is playing :sweat_smile:

What does mean block app until?

imagino que será while,
qué significa que la aplicación se queda bloqueada?
Puede sonar la emisora de fondo y la aplicación admite entrada de datos, pulsado de botones,… o sea, que no está bloqueda. :sweat_smile:

not until hahaha … when I set the source, the application is blocked (it does not do anything until the source is already loaded)