Sorry the app has stopped...this happens in a cycle sometimes



App has stopped

Hi i am creating an app with many screens and i am getting an error in a cycle like “every time when i click on button after 2 buttons cycle” button 1 cycle complete --button 2 cycle complete and after this when i click on 3rd button the app crashed
Let me explain
I have a main screen "Task"in which i have 5 buttons
Every buttons have 4 screens
When button 1 clicked from main screen “Task”—> another screen “t1” open–> press next screen “ta1” open–>press next "ta2"open–> press next ta3 open and return to the main screen “Task”
Same again
When button 2 clicked from main screen “Task”—> another screen “t2” open–> press next screen “tb1” open–>press next "tb2"open–> press next tb3 open and return to the main screen “Task”
I have 5 buttons like this
I am using manager screen
Tribbelhunters switch screen method as you can see in my blocks
Here are my blocks

Sorry for the bad english …please help me to out from this problem…

You can also see my main screen"Task" blocks


see tip1 here how to switch screens correctly



Did you ge to solve this problem?




is there anyone to help me …plz


Did you try the Taifun advice?


it seems to be, you are using a mixture of both methods
use the manager screen method OR Tribblehunter’s method
but not both on the same time

in case this does not help. take also a look at tip 2 of my previous answer…


I have removed all the images from my app but still my app crash.
and now i have changed something in my in my main screen “Task"i have removed 5 buttons and created a single button(Task)
User click on task button 1 on main screen"Task”—>another screen "T1"open—> press next screen Ta1 open—>press next screen “Ta2” open—> press next screen “Ta3” open and returned to main screen “Task” and again user click on same button 1 and same all four screens open and same again, for at least 5 times but my app crash on 4th or 5th try.
Now i will try to use only manger screen method(after removing mixture of tribblehunter’s method)
and will update you.
Thank you for reply




see here how to find out more about the error



Solved :sunglasses:
When i was removing all images from my app,i forget to remove background image and after removing background image my app is working fine.
I have 24 screens in my app still its working fast & fine.

The background images size was 24.1kb(480x800) jpg.I don’t know what’s wrong with this image but after removing this every thing is working fine.

Thanks for all your suggestion


Nice. What method have You used to chance the screens?


Not much except that it consumes a lot of memory.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like you have read properly tip 2.

Your memory consumption only for this image 400*800 = 1536000 if you are using fixed sizing and for responsive even more.



I am using manager screen method


This is because i forget to remove the background image.