Somebody help me - The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6224505411207168_Screen1 will not be saved


Thunkable somebody can fix it ? I cant lose my project, he’s great.


Did you import the project from somewhere else?


Not. But i did alot versions (Checkpoint). Im in 1.09v.


Strange that even version 1.08, which has not undergone any changes by me also had the same problem.


I tried use 1.08v (checkpoint) for remake 1.09, but was problem too.


import the latest backup and restart from there
see also tip 6

how many screens, blocks in each of the screens do you have?
follow the DRY principle - Don’t repeat yourself and avoid redundancy



i have 29 screens. Yep, i use blocks to not repeat screens when need changes images and texts, mainly in tutorial screen. This app is for my work.


see tip 1 here