Some extensions do not work

Today, I was thinking to use Tools extension from Pura Vida Apps to change status bar and navigation bar color but it doesn’t work well. The exported app would either crash each time or shows “Parse Error - App can’t be installed”.

@thunkable team, please look into the matter.

It will be better if you add these in future.

They are aware of the issues with some extensions from Pura Vida. However, I have no issues with the tools extension.

I had error with WiFi extension, but only if I include it on other screen.
I don’t even have to use it, but app crashes when returning to Screen1.

But if it’s on Screen1 then it doesn’t crash…

Is is Pura Vida’s/Taifun’s WiFi extension?

Can you please provide some blocks so that we can take a look at them to see if we can help find the issue?

Yes it’s Pura Vida’s Taifun extension (WiFi Manager Extension. Version 2a as of 2016-08-11 App Inventor version nb150 and Companion version 2.38.).

It’s simple:

  • this is excerpt from Screen1.Initialize. This works well in Thunkable Live run, as well as in the installed app from apk. Aim is to record the mac address of device where app is installed, as a kind of device id, but for test I only display it…

It should be easy to repeat the error:

I originally intended to put this on other screen named “licS” (I have 6 screens), and if I do that again (set label text on “licS” screen to wifi mac), then interestingly there is no crash in Thunkable live run, but in installed app, after I return from licS to Screen1, I get crash notice “Unfortunately, app has stopped” with ok button. In both cases I see WiFi mac.

I change the screens the right way, I mean I close the other screen, and use Screen1.OtherScreenClosed. to see where I’m returning from.

Have you tried without the extension to see if it still crashes?

Also, some tips on changing screens.


Without WiFi extension on this another screen it doesn’t crash, that’s why I do that WiFi job only on Screen1 (aka. Manager screen).

And about switching screens ‘Recommended’ or ‘Triblehunter’s’ way,
It’s different whether I want to go through the Initialize method when returning to main screen or not. Using Triblehunter’s way I will go through the Initialize method, which I am not fancy for this app, but it is a nice trick.