[ Solved Cloudstitch 502 Bad Gateway ]Now Get Cloudstitch Spreadsheet API Endpoint Easily



Hello everyone !!

Few days ago i have posted a solution on How to Store Users data to Spreadsheet without using Cloudstitch, Airtable or Any other API
But today i’m going to tell you how you can fix Cloudstitch 502 Bad Gateway error easily :heart_eyes:
Follow these Steps :

Step 1 : Go to Cloudstitch Dashbord { https://cloudstitch.com/dashboard } & Create a new project.

Note : You can Also use old one instead of new!

Step 2 : After creating the project [ here i’m creating : My new project ] and come back to the dashboard. Now right Click on the google drive icon ( Appears on the left side of the project title ) and Select Open link in new tab and here you’ll get the spreadsheet where your data will be stored!

Step 3 : Now let’s Create the API Endpoint
API ENDPOINT : https://api.cloudstitch.com/{Your Account Name}/{ Your Project Title }?dev=true

ALL DONE !! :heart_eyes:

If you want some more information then kindly read this Blog or Watch the tutorial video.

Go ahead and take a try. And if you have any query or suggestion then message me or email me at [email protected]

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why it show null ?


Have you deleted all demo data of Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 ?


Will the sheet autosync? I cannot access that page to press the slider!


i think it because no data in some column


Maybe you can fix adding an “if not empty” , check the list you are using to know if there are a lot of empty strings, if yes or you have to modify your spreadsheet or you have to introduce an if control before to populate the list view


Not working What to do


Show more data. Your block about this component and if you can also spreadsheet


Till Yesterday everything is working fine

I’m not downloading any data using Cloudstitch to upload data ONLY


If before works fine probably is a problem about cloudstitch. Site is often under upgrade. A lot of people find errors in their project. In the community there more posts about this problem. Find for airtable service too.