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PdfTools extension

Hi friends,
It’s my new and second extension com.pdftool.jerin.aix (2.8 MB)
Sorry it is large size because the library is large.

What it have?

1.ExtractImages - Extract image from a pdf file.(mime means to which type the image want to,png).The images will automatically extract to the same directory where pdf is located.

2.ExtractText - Extracts text from pdf to a .txt file(notice: Language English extracted successfully.It’s a little doubt about other languages).

3.GetPages - Get number of pages of a pdf file.


I’am newbie to extension development :slight_smile: and in this extension there may have be lot of lackness.So please give feedback.

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[email protected]

Please contact after donation.


Thank you
Jerin Jacob


Felicitaciones la lograste integrar, buen trabajo


this looks like a great extension! congratulations! keep up the good work!


Is there any extension that can be used to create a pdf with a pre-inserted image, and you can immediately insert a chosen image manually from the gallery?


there is the Create Pdf from Table Extension by Andres Daniel
and there is this solution How to create a pdf file

for the probably most complete list of extensions see here



Would you import an aia file, please?


Sure, but only in coming Saturday.


I’m waiting mate. :blush:


im also waiting