Similar service for webapps?


Hi everyone,

I am really enjoying building apps with Thunkable. Does anyone know of a similar platform (blocks etc.) that can be used to build webapps?



I don’t know such a platform. I think there is only scratch for pc, maybe you can make something there and then convert the scratch file (I don’t remember the file type) to flash


There is a few such platforms.

  1. App Inventor - first such platform.
  2. AppyBuilder - paid version of Thunkable.
  3. Thunkable - best app builder (right now…)
  4. MadRobots - App Inventor with a few upgrades, but outdated.
  5. Punya Framework - a lot of features, but excludes Extension support

Edit: for webapps, sorry. I thought you mean similar platforms to Thunkable.


@ILoveThunkable - Thunkable is always going to be the best app builder;)

@Adam_Turner - I’ve tried for web apps and it seems pretty good.


@amrita I hope so.


You can always use blockly to code in JavaScript, Python, PHP and other languages


For freelance is not free i think ?

Blockly can create web app ? Is like thunkable with block ?



Blockly is the graphical interface that lies behind all the platform mentioned by @ILoveThunkable. But as he said, it’s not for web apps. You would have to code such a framework by yourself


In reality I was looking for a platform for the progressive web app (pwa), I think it’s still different from the web app?
But I do not know if there is a free platform like Thunkable to make PWA.