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I tried to create an application with sidebar extension, but it always error. how to fix it?

@ahmad_fuadi This question should be in #androiddiscuss category.

Now for your question, I don’t think the mentioned error is due to sidebar extension. May be error is due to the custom font typeface you are using in your project.


how to resolve this?

Try changing font one by one in your screen that comes with the error. Then I guess you would find out what font causes this error.

what sidebar version do you have

@Andres_Cotes it seems that v2 (paid) if added in new aia created the two last days has issues in displaying material icons.
Both typography ttf files uploaded.
The same version of aix is showing icons in aia made 4-5 days ago. Today I made a test aia with same blocks from an older project. In older project icons appear but not in new.
Maybe changes were made in Thunkable that affect your extension?
I will recheck tomorrow and if problem still exists I will send you the aia in PM.

Considering this I don’t find unreasonable the problem reported by @ahmad_fuadi.

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delete folde appinvertor/assets in internal storage

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I already did this no result…
It’s late here. I will go to sleep and I will contact you tomorrow…
Thanks for the instant support

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problem resolved guys. thanks for your solutions all.
the action bar must conected with horizontal arrangement


Hi Andres I’m using your free sidebar extension, but see that the paid version have more options that I would like to use. Can you direct me to where I can purchase the updated version?

Thanks 10 usd or

The link for is broken.