Sidebar Extension Image Not displaying ? Need help

APK file not loading Sidebar image. How to solve that ?
It shows on Live testing but not in .apk file.


1.Make sure you uploaded the image in assets.
2.Make sure that name of image is unique and not similar to images you previously used.

It works on Live Testing but after creating apk it display Blank in image.

i have the same poblem
it appears on my device
and not on any device else check This Hindi Language

Send the aia…i Will help You

You might not get the issue, It works on Live Check, shows blank in image while I compiled it to apk.

Extension developer may help you @Andres_Cotes

show here ur block
may be i can u

I’m pretty sure you have to purchase the extension in order for it to work in your .apk. if you check the original post you will see if it’s mentioned.

There is a free version and there is a customizable pro version. The free version should work as well; even with packaged apps