Sidebar extension (beta)

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esta estension genera un sidebar, tiene un problema que si lo pueden resolver quedaria muy agradecido. pierde el touch en la seccion donde aparece el sidebar

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update 11/07/2017

sidebar.aia (915.0 KB) (913.1 KB) (6.7 KB) (641.5 KB)


Great work!

Thank you for sharing the source code too! :slight_smile:
I will make my own version with the help of your source code :slight_smile:
Great work!

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@Mika by the way, can you make extension Image > Base64? That would be amazing. Or @Andres_Cotes can you make it?

I make it.
Maybe tomorrow and ill add it to my special tools extension.

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No need, @Sivagiri_Visakan just made it! You can find that in “Ideas for non-existing extensions page”

Also, @Andres_Cotes this sidebar opens by swiping on screen?

Si, el problema es que desabilita el touch para otros elementos por eso libere el código

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Oh ok, thank you for help.

Can we change background color ?

I think there is issue, because size of sidebar is only 20% of the screen.

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Great work!. Thanks for making this useful extension.


@Mika I hope add more features ( Add Images beside word, change color of BG, and add animation )

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Umm, @Andres_Cotes created this extension, not @Mika

But as I said it above, I try to add things :slight_smile:

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Oh :blush:

the current size in the java source code is 320.
We can change it :smiley:

When i am tomorrow at work i will add more things :slight_smile:

Add sidebar width size property.

Yes i will add this :slight_smile:

Ok thanks.